Canta Bella

ドレスを創る時、私たちはまず、“素敵なウェディングとは何か”を考えます。人生の中で花嫁が最高に輝く瞬間を飾るドレス、ドレスは花嫁を美しく見せるだけでなく、夢や幸せ、生き方まで映し出すものと考えております。 ドレスは花嫁の美しさをさらに輝かせる物でなくてはならない、それが私たちの願いです。





Before we create a new wedding gown, we always ask ourselves "what is a perfect wedding"

Wedding is the most brilliant moment for a bride when she dresses up with her perfect gown. We believe the gown should not only make the bride become beautiful but also reflects the bride's dream, happiness and her expectation of marriage life. We wish our bride will become the centre of focus with her gown and make her wedding wonderfully memorable.

We apply stringent criteria in the selection of material for making our gowns. We use the best quality silk and lace directly imported from Europe, and incorporate with our fineness and traditional Japanese wedding gown skills and techniques, result in the perfect gown incorporating all desires of a bride.

Inspired by Japanese "hand-making" craftsmanship and elegance, we carefully carry out quality control inspections throughout the entire production process to make sure each wedding gown maintain a consistent level of quality. We particularly focus on Japanese-style sewing and embroidery techniques, which reveal the core peculiar Japanese aesthetic feeling of the gown.

Kanta Inoue